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Killing Ground and why Australian cinema is so afraid of the bush

Damien Power’s execellent camping thriller is just the latest in a long line of Australian movies in which the bush, or the outback, is a place of unimaginable horror.

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Has Game of Thrones jumped the dragon?

After seven seasons building its reputation as one of the greatest TV shows of all time, Game of Thrones is in serious danger of undoing all the hard work.

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Kumail Nanjiani and Emily Gordon put their marriage on the line in The Big Sick

Working with a spouse can be tricky, but the couple behind this hit ‘sick’ comedy have found a way to keep their relationship healthy.

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Roxburgh’s Rogerson is a suburban Michael Corleone in Blue Murder

Revisiting the critically acclaimed Blue Murder after more than 20 years was a risk, but it has paid off.

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Game of Thrones S7 E1 recap ‘Dragonstone’: Arya’s chilling message from the North

The most anticipated show on television returns with a murderous opening and portents aplenty of what’s to come.

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GoT S7 E2 recap ‘Stormborn’: A sex scene first as eunuchs (mostly) rise up

As all about them are losing their heads, the eunuchs rise to the occasion. Well, mostly.

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GoT S7 E3 recap ‘The Queen’s Justice’: Ice and Fire finally brought together

Finally, Jon and Dany meet. But when you mix fire and ice, it turns out you don’t always get a whole lot of steam.

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GoT recap S7 E4 ‘Spoils of War’: Flaming hell, now he’s sunk

As if a stampeding Dothraki horde weren’t bad enough, Jaime has to contend with a dragon too. Could things get any worse? Well, yes.

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GoT recap S7 E5 ‘Eastwatch’: Cersei’s family truths

In a week full of skulking, spying and politicking, Cersei once again manages to take us all by surprise.

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Pirates ripped off Sam Voutas’s movie. You’ll never guess what he did next

Some people might have called in the lawyers. This Australian filmmaker made a movie about it, with a pirate as his hero.

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The reality of Survivor: It’s bastardry as entertainment

The commercial TV networks want to ditch children’s content in favour of shows like Australian Survivor. But is this really the sort of stuff with which they ought to be shaping young minds?

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